The vast and necessary adventure of our time: Climate Change, Social Justice and Human Transformation

~Written by Colette Power~ Supervisor and Retreat Leader for The Mindfulness Network This blog post is part of a series exploring the relationship between practice and action in the face of climate change; how can these work together to guide, inspire and support us? Read the other posts in the series HERE and HERE. ‘Imagine,’ […]

Why offer a LGBTQIA+ retreat?

~ Written by River Wolton ~ ‘Freedom is not just about transcending identity but embracing it until what is beyond the experience of identity reveals itself.’ Larry Yang    On 16th November 2019, I will co-lead, alongside my colleague Bernat Font, a one day retreat for all who identify as LGBTQI+ and our allies. For me, it is a significant milestone in a journey of almost twenty […]

Insight Dialogue: Cultivating Presence in Our Relationships

– written by Rosalie Dores All real living is meeting… (Martin Buber, 1958) I first encountered Insight Dialogue in 2006 and experienced a quickening of my practice. The heightened levels of attunement, sensitivity, empathy and insight, available through the practice, continued beyond the retreat and into my wider life. Engaging with Insight Dialogue in an […]