About Us

The Mindfulness Network was formed in 2012 by Alison Evans and Willem Kuyken, who were both at Exeter University. They were joined later by Rebecca Crane, Cindy Cooper and Sharon Hadley from Bangor University. Alison Evans and Rebecca Crane are our current co-directors.

The intention of the Mindfulness Network is to reduce human suffering and promote well-being. We offer services that are supportive to the visions of the UK university centres, but which sit more easily in a not-for-profit company. We aim to bring together a network of highly-trained mindfulness-based supervisors and retreat leaders to mindfulness-based teachers to work within recognised Good Practice Standards. Mindfulness-based supervision has always been a core strand of our work.

Please note that the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainer Organisations is a separate organisation, although we share many of the same values.

Read our General Mission Statement.

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