Insight Dialogue: Cultivating Presence in Our Relationships

– written by Rosalie Dores All real living is meeting… (Martin Buber, 1958) I first encountered Insight Dialogue in 2006 and experienced a quickening of my practice. The heightened levels of attunement, sensitivity, empathy and insight, available through the practice, continued beyond the retreat and into my wider life. Engaging with Insight Dialogue in an […]

Finding “Mindfulness, Insight and Liberation” in Wales

written by Gill Johnson, a retreat participant “The enchantment of Buckland Hall … The fascination of a historic estate … the opulence of a country mansion … relaxation guaranteed…” This is how the venue for the Mindfulness, Insight and Liberation Retreat is described on its website. Grand claims indeed … and, “relaxation?!” Did this really have a […]