Course Information

Five-day Retreat for Mindfulness-based Supervisors

When: 31 Aug 2019 – 4 Sep 2019
Where: Emerson College, East Sussex
Tutors: Alison Evans, Julia Wallond

This five-day residential retreat offers a unique opportunity to cultivate a continuity of mindfulness and explore mindfulness-based supervision within that context.

A core teaching intention for this retreat is to offer a structure and atmosphere within which we can deeply look into experience with the freshness of beginner’s mind, alongside other experienced practitioners/teachers/supervisors. We will deepen our personal and experiential engagement with both formal (sitting, walking, movement) and informal practices, with an emphasis on dedicating some time to compassion-based practices.

The retreat will also include some interpersonal mindfulness practice to support us to bring awareness into our experience of interacting with another, as we contemplate themes around mindfulness-based supervision. The talks will also cover these themes arising within supervision. By bringing these themes into a spacious, practice-orientated space, we hope to give some space to explore mindfulness-based supervision and allow a deepening of insight, both about supervision and being a supervisor.

We will use the mindfulness-based supervision model as a structure for the residential. The model will be held lightly as a framework as we dip into our explorations of supervision together. The core curriculum will be the immediacy of personal experience.

The retreat will include:

  • periods of both guided and self-directed practice, with the emphasis on self-guided
  • times of mutual inquiry about supervision held within a container of relational practice
  • short talks with time for questions and discussion
  • sustained periods of silence to enable participants to connect more fully with their inner experience
  • time to practise mindfulness informally between the scheduled sessions
  • group meeting with the teachers and some of the other retreatants

The overall container of the retreat will be one of noble silence – a chance to be in community with like-minded people, without the need to be anyone in particular. There will be opportunities for sharing and connecting at the end of our time together.

Who is the retreat for?

This practice residential is suitable for mindfulness-based supervisors who:

  • have a long-standing mindfulness practice
  • have taught MBIs for a number of years
  • have completed a 2-3-day mindfulness-based supervision training, or equivalent

The retreat is open to anyone who meets these requirements and is particularly intended for those who are integrating mindfulness-based supervision into their professional work. We welcome applications from outside of the UK.

What are the requirements to attend?

This practice residential is suitable for mindfulness-based supervisors who

  • have a long-standing mindfulness practice
  • have taught MBIs for a number of years
  • have completed a 2-3-day mindfulness-based supervision training, or equivalent


Please arrive for 3:30pm on the first day. Refreshments will be available on arrival and there will be time to settle in before an introductory session at 5pm followed by dinner and orientation in the evening. The retreat ends at 12:30pm on the 4th, followed by lunch at 12.45pm. Participants will need to depart by 2:00 pm.


Emerson College

Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5JX

Emerson College is located in the countryside in East Sussex and is surrounded by 22 acres of gardens offering opportunities for walks in nature.

 What to bring/wear:

Please bring equipment to support your practice eg. mat, cushion, blanket.

 Our rates:

Our full rates have no hidden extras and include deposit, teaching, room and board. 

  • £650 single room (not ensuite)

Rooms are simple, clean and welcoming, offering single accommodation. All rooms have shared toilets, bath and shower rooms close by.

Please contact us if you have any specific needs that we need to be aware of.

The Application Process:

Our application and payment process involves the following steps:

  1. We receive your application form and assess it to ensure that this retreat is suitable for you. We endeavour to make assessments within a week, but if the retreat leader is on annual leave or on retreat, then this can take a little bit longer.
  2. Upon offering you a place, we will then invoice you either for a £200.00 non-refundable deposit for SINGLE accommodation or for the full amount, depending which option you choose when you complete your application.
  3. Your place is fully confirmed once we receive your deposit or full retreat payment.
  4. If you selected to pay the deposit only, we will invoice you for the balance three months before the retreat starts.
  5. We will email you the joining instructions in advance of the course.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Please read our Terms and Conditions for information regarding payments and cancellations.

For more information:

Please email us at

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