Martine Batchelor

MARTINE BATCHELOR was a Buddhist nun in Korea for ten years. She studied Son Buddhism under the guidance of the late Master Kusan. She translated his book ‘The Way of Korean Zen’. Following Master Kusan’s death she returned her nun’s vows and left Korea to come back to live in Europe where she also studied insight meditation.  She is the author of different books showing her interest in various subjects from Buddhism and ethics ‘The Path of Compassion’ to Buddhism and Women ‘Women in Korean Zen’.  At the moment she is focusing on meditation and compassion in daily life as in ‘Let go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits’.  Her latest book is ‘The Spirit of the Buddha’.  Since 2013 she has stopped writing books to take care of her elderly mother.

However she writes articles, specially about mindfulness of feeling tones.  She has been involved with the Silver Sante Study teaching meditation, mindfulness and compassion to seniors in France to see if this could prevent ageing decline.  She teaches meditation retreats worldwide.  She is part of the Teacher council of Gaia House.  She is on the faculty of the Bodhi College.  As people seem to points out often, she is practical and precise in her teaching which is seemingly simple but deep.  She is interested in photography and art (Martine’s Instagram).  She is a multi-choice teacher who is interested in what works for people and helps them to develop their creative potential for wisdom and compassion for themselves and others.