Seven-day retreats

Great retreat as always, very well planned and organised, with excellent retreat leaders and a great venue at Trigonos as always. (with Chantek McNeillage and Vanessa Hope)

I have deepened my own practice both formally and informally. This is going to support me in life, but also as a teacher. The teachers were both awesome. I felt very supported and contained by their presence. Their talks were inspiring and added a lot to the experience. Having a small group was a real privilege. (with Chantek McNeillage and Vanessa Hope)

Fantastic restorative retreat. The facilitators were excellent. They really embodied the approach and their talks and poetry really seemed to pick up on the groups needs. They really encouraged connection amongst the whole group even though we were in silence. Chantek really seemed to speak from the heart and her talk on befriending was very moving. Her body scans were the most amazing authentic experiences. (with Chantek McNeillage and Vanessa Hope)

Wonderful retreat leaders – very different styles but both radiated kindness and compassion. Their embodied presences were lessons in themselves. (with Mark Bowden and Sarah Silverton)

To deepen my practice … to cultivate kindness and compassion is core … learning form others and connecting with others in silence is powerful and necessary. Sarah Silverton and Mark Bowden really offered themselves in a way that offered much learning and growth. I am most grateful for their honest, open hearts and deep connections with all of us who attended the retreat, Thank you Mark and Sarah. (with Mark Bowden and Sarah Silverton)

It was a full and sublime retreat in an idyllic setting which intensified the practice. The teachers were wise and shared their wisdom freely and generously in ways which communicated effectively. They demonstrated the lightness of touch and playfulness they recommended at every moment. There were many moments when my heart was full. Thank you again to both Trish and Elaine, and to the people at Trigonos. (with Trish Bartley and Elaine Young)

Although challenging and painful at times this week has been hopefully life changing impacting on me as a human being, colleague, partner, mother, relative and friend. Many thanks for the amazing teaching and support. The week was very well planned and the teaching as well and the poetry/readings to support learning were first class. (with Trish Bartley and Elaine Young)

 Five-day retreats

It brought things to the fore that I have avoided dealing with. I began mindfulness to cope with a specific situation and now realise that there are other layers beneath the original situation. So it has opened up a lot and I have learned that I need to face things with kindness and compassion for myself. (with Annee Griffiths and Jody Mardula)

I am aware that this positive experience has been very helpful to me on a personal level and what I learned on the retreat will hopefully help my mindful development as I continue to practise. Thank you Trigonos, Annee and Jody. (with Annee Griffiths and Jody Mardula)

I came to deepen my own practice and to really connect with me having just left full time work to teach Mindfulness full time. It has been such a busy time that I really wanted to check in and see how things were settling, or not ! I also feel to teach well I almost owe the deepening of my own practice to all the wonderful people who sign up to courses. (with Annee Griffiths and Jody Mardula)

Guest teacher and other retreats

I attended a 2-night silent retreat organised by the Mindfulness Network at Trigonos in the Nantlle Valley in North Wales. I had previously attended a day’s retreat, but this was in central London and without the overnight stay, so to all intents and purposes this was my first “real” retreat experience. Trigonos is in a stunning location at the foot of Snowdonia. The meeting space feels very safe and all the equipment needed is provided. The accommodation is very comfortable, and the food is amazing! They cater for everyone’s differing needs and intolerances and though it was meat free, the variety of dishes and flavours blew me away (I have actually since stopped eating meat!). Being silent for such an extended period had seemed quite daunting, however the retreat was skilfully led. Ciaran and Gemma put us at ease and structured the days so that the practices and activities flowed easily. There was a range of mindfulness experience within the group, however this was never a problem as there was clear instruction given and the freedom to take care of ourselves and to break the silence if needed. It was wonderful to spend time practicing, listening to poetry, eating or walking with a group of people I didn’t know and, without saying a word, manage to feel a real sense of connection and support. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone wanting to deepen their mindfulness practice attends a retreat with the Mindfulness Network, and if it is at Trigonos, then that’s an added bonus! (with Gemma Griffith and Ciaran Saunders)

I gained a huge amount from this retreat. I felt extremely well supported by excellent teachers and the group. The clear boundaries, safety and depth of understanding and experience of the teachers helped me learn more about really letting go of judgement, taking risks and trusting. I was helped to see the subtleties of holding in my body/mind. I felt encouraged to trust more in my wholeness and humanity. My love and trust in mindfulness meditation practice grew. (with David Rynick and Melissa Blacker)

I went to reconnect and deepen my personal practice and have a sense of coming home to myself. The course was all that I could have hoped for and more. It is hard to put this type of experience into words – life changing stuff. (with David Rynick and Melissa Blacker)

I love Melissa and David’s retreats and this one exceeded my expectations. (with David Rynick and Melissa Blacker)

The pace of the retreat was very well done, and a safe container established for silence. The teachers were supportive and highly skilled, and excellent role models. That was what I wanted in choosing this particular retreat. (with David Rynick and Melissa Blacker)

My original intention was to be able to fulfill MBSR requirements for an annual retreat and when searching for retreats in the UK, I was very excited to see this one was to be facilitated by Christina Feldman and John Peacock. My expectation was that I would engage in an experience of deep cultivation, both practical and theoretical – and I wasn’t disappointed. (with John Peacock and Christina Feldman)

The retreat was excellent. Extremely high standard teaching, guidance and support. I hoped to deepen my practice and explore insight teachings and their way to integrate them into every day life and to aid in my support and teaching if others. (with John Peacock and Christina Feldman)

The best and most meaningful teaching/learning experience of my life. My fellow travellers on the journey, and John and Christina, were a joy. It was a privilege to participate. Thank you. (with John Peacock and Christina Feldman)

I have learned strategies that get me unstuck, as well as fresh and deeper awareness of moment-by-moment unfolding of experience, that I can choose to keep returning to. The retreat has strengthened my intention for practice and shown me strategies for exploring difficulties, lessening reactivity and changing habits. It has been pivotal and life changing, the value and meaning will continue to unfold. Much to digest and apply in my life. (with John Peacock and Christina Feldman)

Three-day city retreats (nonresidential)

I appreciate very much how beautifully and lightly you held the group and with such warmth and gentle humour too. I enjoyed the experience of the ‘city’ retreat context and, for me, the many transitions really brought to the fore the opportunity for real life ‘touch and go’ practice, but with the support of a dedicated retreat space and practice. In many ways, therefore, this experience felt more relevant to real life than some of the residential retreats I’ve been on as it took the retreat right out into the real world and then back again. (with Trish Bartley and Bridgette O’Neill)

The experience was very interesting for me – I learnt that I don’t need to be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and lakes to find some calm and stillness. The retreat programme was very thoughtfully put together. (with Trish Bartley and Bridgette O’Neill)

I enjoyed the experience of transitioning from coming to/from home and also the transitions between practice and walking in the city. To me, this felt more relevant to real life, and how our mindfulness practice can help us in this, than a traditional residential retreat. (with Trish Bartley and Bridgette O’Neill)

A lovely experience. A way to find space in the busyness of the city and spend time with yourself and others in a supportive, caring environment. (with Trish Bartley and Bridgette O’Neill)

Great to have a retreat that is accessible and helps you with the transitions we all face in everyday life. (with Trish Bartley and Bridgette O’Neill)